Britain in Hamburg

Membership levels

1. Private individuals

Profiles for private individuals are free of charge. You cannot upload photos and videos or post events. However, you can use photos on your profile page and communicate with other members through the website.

You are eligible if you are a member of a British or English-speaking club in Hamburg, or if you work for a British or British-related business in and around Hamburg, or if you are a British national, or if you have some other strong connection to the UK.

2. British Clubs and Associations

This will cost 50 € incl. VAT p.a. from 1 September 2009. You are eligible for this profile if you represent a British club or association in and around Hamburg. As a club you can post events and share photos.

3. Business

A business profile will cost 100 € plus VAT p.a. from 1 September 2009 and may include events and photos, plus videos on special request.

You are eligible if your business is British-related and your business address is in or around Hamburg.

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